Introduction to Permaculture

Accredited Permaculture Training

PDC- Permaculture Design Course

Animal Husbandry

Building, Passive Solar & Energy

Cheese Making

Cider and Fruit Wine Making

Keeping Chickens

Compost Making

Heritage Fruit Trees

No-dig Gardening

Water-saving Gardening

Pruning Fruit Trees & Espaliers

Courses coming soon at Telopea Mtn Permaculture

Advanced course in Keeping Poultry  - including sessions with a vet, a nutritionist and a behaviour trainer.

Keeping Goats, Alpacas, Llamas or Sheep.

Keeping Milking Sheep or Goats.

Simple Cheese & Yogurt making.

Cheese making advanced, Camembert, Fetta, Haloumi & Ricotta

Cider, Beer & Fruit wine making.

Passive solar house design and retro fitting your existing house for passive solar gain.:

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