Courses - No Dig Gardens

How to start a NO-DIG “Organic” veggie garden 

Duration: 2x2Hrs plus a 3hr Practical Session or a full day of 7hrs.

Learn about organics, bio-dynamics, SPAM, Permaculture & planting by the moon.

How to start your own no-dig garden save your back and throw away the spade!!

See how easy it can be to build a productive garden in one afternon on your place, you can build it straight on top of the lawn or even concrete.

2 sessions of 2 hours of an evening 7.00-9.00pm.

3rd session is a practical one for 3hrs (build a garden) date by arrangment with students if not set prior

This course sometimes is also be run as one full day with participants bringing lunch to share.

This can be done in most locations so if you get a group together I can come to you with the class and materials if needed to build one on your site.

Dates to be set if demand is there.

Cost: $ 75.00

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