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Full Permaculture Designs (see below)

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Full Permaculture Designs

I have recently begun to take on full permaculture designs for properties and business, this involves details maps/plans, notes and lists of  elements to be included.

Some of my information supplied with consultations have previously run to 18 pages of notes with 4-6 plans, so these would probably be classed closer to a full design than a simple 3 hr consultation with a mud map.

My  resistance so far to full designs handed over to a client has been my will to see people get involved more in their own plans. I certainly help people with heritage fruits selection and other such long term plantings, but I believe the range available and the nature of taste being so personal that  lists of Australian Natives, herbs or veggies a client should plant often take away a chance for the clients to have real meaningful input into their design.

Often great success has come (and reduced costs to the client) through completing a limited design through a consultation and then following up with some implentation and further developement of ideas with the clients onsite.

This way the concepts and principles of Permaculture are firmly embeded in the design and the family has a good understanding of how to advance from there.

I would however look at any request and proceed based on its benefits to the client.

The 8th of July 2007 will in my mind go down as a black day for Permaculture in Australia with my being told that very soon we will see the launch of Jim's Permaculture, after completing the minimum 72hrs ( or abouts) PDC- Permaculture Design Course, they will commence to complete designs and implement them for you through their franchises.

I have waited twelve  years making sure I  have as many skills as possible to be able to complete a succesful Permaculture design, this is a complex document covering a large range of diciplines, I have completed studied in 31 other subjects plus 2 more planned for next year to build my skills and currently run 12 different courses through my classroom on site.

I am currently teaching & faciltating my 4th PDC course through local a community house using 11 tutors and 12 site visits with a total of 147hrs ( all for $275max due to funding).

I will leave it to you to decide who best to complete a design for your property, business and life.

General Permaculture Design Services

Telopea Mountain Permaculture Consulting service.

Do you want to get going with implementing the Permaculture principles on your land, in your home or business?

Services offered include:

PC Walk & Talk with Mud Map (see below)

Heritage Fruit Trees, site design and supply grafted trees.

Property Design, solar edible landscapes

Design for Shady Properties in the hills

Pre Purchase Property Assessment

Keeping poultry or animals

Full Permaculture Design

Assist with implementation

Graft additional Heritage varieties to selected fruit trees

I also run classes in a vast array of related subjects through a partnership with most of the local community houses; these are run onsite in my new studio with all modern facilities.

Do you need a hand getting your ideas together and onto paper, or maybe you have the concepts but just don't know where to start.

I have been running a service for a while now where I do a 3 hrs consultation with you and the family on the property and supply a mud map- sketch for you to begin with. 

Heritage Fruit Tree Designs

Telopea Mtn Permaculture - Grafting old varieties onto new dwarf rootstocks

I can make new trees for you or increase the pollination & productivity of ones you have already.

Varieties included:

Old Heritage apples (over 100 varieties)

Cider Varieties (over 20)

European Pears on D6

Nashi - Asian Pears (23 varieties)

Cherries onto Semi-Dwarf Rootstock

Also some plums, figs and Rubus available

I can also provide the following services:

PC Walk & Talk with Mud map;

Heritage fruit trees, site design and supply grafted trees;

Graft additional Heritage varieties to selected fruit trees.


Rootstock for apples - the overall size of tree is reduced but not the amount of fruit.

M9 - Very dwarf - keeps a tree to only 2.4mtr, fruit earliest. These can

even be grown in a large tub on a balcony if you like.

M26 - Dwarf - 2.7-3.0mtrs, suit a small back yard.

MM102 - Semi-Dwarf - 3m + or good for espaliers

MM106 - Semi-Dwarf - 3m+ or good for espaliers

All trees are suitable for Organic & Bio Dynamic certification.

Phone Peter 0418 665 880 or email

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