Courses - Water-saving Gardening 

 "Growing Organic Veg" this course is Govt funded and now 7 full days 

The name for this class Title has been changed by the house from "Grow your own organic food at home" to "Intro to Permaculture".

It has also had a day added to the program so we can have 2 full days onsite on the farm, one to look at soils and all the composts and No-Dig beds, the second day is used for propagating, cuttings , grafting and other methods.
why not Feed yourselves and sell the surplus at a farmers market or to a local box scheme.
Help save your money and the planet

In these hard times of water and resource shortages combined with a probable reduction in cash flow in the household, growing your own food makes good sense both environmentally and economically, It is easy and enjoyable once you know the basic rules, so we will cover the tricks used to make it productive and profitable. The topics are:

Soils- improving or build your own.

Where else could you start? Modern agriculture tries to control this and reduces it to a “Growing medium” supplying doses of chemical fertilizers and water as we deem the plants need it. Chris Alinson showed me how wrong this all was and introduced me to “SPAM”, it makes logical scientific sense to feed the soil and let plants do what they have evolved to do over millennia. The simply use of natural systems such as compost not only feed plants the 22 nutrients they need to grow in “Balance” (as BD calls it) it also improves the structure, water holding capabilities and future increased yields that this medium can provide to any plant.

We can repair farms or even make our own soil on concrete & contaminated sites quite easily and cheaply.

Remember we grow this stuff to EAT ourselves or feed the animals we eat.

Water- how to conserve water and grow food- legally

While laws are years behind the needs of community in growing it’s own food locally to reduce transport waste, don’t despair its simple to provide most of the needs on your own place and you can still abide by the archaic water restriction laws.

Organic, Bio Dynamic or Permaculture- what’s the difference?

Lots of misinformation and urban legends have grown with these disciplines, we will discuss each and look at what’s best for you and the planet.

we will also look at design of a property so its easy to work out where to plant fruti trees, and placements of veggie and other food growing areas.

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