Courses - Compost Making 

Currently we dont have seperate dates for these classes as they form part of some of our longer clases in permaculture and veggie growing.

Compost, No-Dig, Worms- Organic & BD soils Jan 30th

2 day workshop - Compost, worms, No-Dig gardens and good Organic & Biodynamic soils

Learn how you can do all these at home to produce the environment you need to grow healthy food.

These can help you save water, ( by up to 80%) to reduce emitions & Capture CO2 plus increase the nutrients in your food.
"Throw away the Spade" and spend time growing food not digging the soil:

Learn what's important for plants to grow healthy & natural - suitable for all experience levels.

These same methods can even clean up damadged and compacted soils or allow you to build your own growing mediums on contaminated sites.

We will even have a practical component building either a No-Dig garden or a Biodynamic compost heap.


Composting workshop: Learn how to build a hot compost heap (Bio-Dynamic style)

Learn how to build a “hot compost” heap that can be ready in as little as 6 weeks and does not require you to turn the heap.

This will feed about a 1/4acre of plants.

we will also discuss Bio-Dynamic and other methods of composting including No-digs, tumblers, cold compost and the factors that control the process ie. Nitrogen: Carbon ratio, moisture,

date for next course to be confirmed.

book direct or through the listed community houses- most courses are run on Telopea Mtm Permaculture farm here in Monbulk unless special arrangements are made to run courses for groups at your venue.

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