Courses - Heritage Fruit Trees 

 Heritage fruit trees class, Mion June 11th & Sat Aug 18th.

How to Select, buy, plant, graft new ones and care for them. We will also discuss some of those varieties we had once and what is still available now with Apples, plums, Nashi, Pears & Cherries plus so much more.
And will include a copy of my 1st booklet on heritage fruit growing, now this class has now ben extended to include a tour of the new 1/2 acre fully enclosed fruit system managed by Guinea Fowl & Geese and later probably some turkeys. we will also look at summer vs winter pruning methods and some espaliers.

Last Date for 2011 Sun July 10th 10-4pm

cost for this day is $85 pp bookings and prior payment are essential, email to peter via link below. ( unfortunately just clicking on the link does not do much, I need to send you info so you can register properly)

We had great success in 2009-11 with running this course in conjuction with us bringing a trailer full of trees as well for local pemrie groups or other groups, if this interests your group then discuss details and special prices for dates in 2012(June to August)

due to popular demand thiscourse will run again at Telopea Mtn Permaculture Farm - contact me direct via email

After you have been to the Petty's apple festival on the last Sunday in March to taste apples you will be ready to select what you like for the winter bare-root season.

When this course is attended from Mar to June this is an ideal way to prepare for planting in winter bare root season. we have added over 300 more varities to out collection & We have brought back a huge collection of material from our last trip to add more value to this course.

We will also have a few hundred varities of trees on the day available for purchase as well, these are in pots for planting any time of year.
Sign up for Learn about Heritage fruits, prepare for this winter's bare root planting season

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