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 PDC Info for interested participants 2011

Full Permaculture Design course, PDC + an advanced Permaculture skills certificate 147hrs
starts Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011 & each Tues 9.00-3.00 pm@ Emerald or 9-4.30pm when at my "Telopea Mtn" classroom plus on 5 Sat or Sun------ final day July 19th.

"see typical topics list below for this course"

cost is only $495 full fee due to the Govt funding but we will be limited to 20 studentas and only one class at Emerald for the year.

Call Emerald community house on 5968 3881 to book an early place or call me for more info on 0418 665 880 you can also book & pay online via the Emerald community house website

PDC Info for interested participants

What is a PDC ?
A “Permaculture Design Certificate”, started as an intense 72hr course developed from the “Permaculture- A designers manual” written by Bill Mollison and published by Tagari Press in 1988. this followed the work of the co-originators of Permaculture,
Bill Mollison & David Holmgren that started in the early 70’s in Tasmania.

Bill still runs a 72 hr course (for $1600-1850 with no visits) in Melb once a year (2008)
In Victoria this has progressed to a syllabus written for South East Australia by the Permaculture Melbourne Victorian educators group (VEG.) over the last ten years.
We will use this syllabus for our 147hr course

By completing a PDC you would cover the concepts and could then practice and teach Permaculture as people have now done all over the world. now with the Nationally "Acreddited Permaculture Training" ( APT) you can apply for RPL- RCC to convert my course into units towards Cert III, IV or Diploma in Permaculture (with some additional homework), this works well with Hort and other similar studies as well.

Who would benefit from completing a PDC ?
Simple answer is anyone.
 Whether you just wish to expand your knowledge.
 You may be a student in a related discipline you will find it beneficial to see things from another side of your chosen field.(ie Horticulture, Agriculture, Social sciences, Environmental pursuits, Scientist or Teaching)
 Any household in suburbia wouldbenifit from better design of space and resourse use
 It is an essential prerequisite to anyone contemplating a rural property purchase or a Conversion to Organic or Bio-Dynamic farming.
 Or even starting and operating a business.

There are no age, social, political, ethnic or spiritual barriers, no slick sales talks or people trying to convert you to something.
You may bring any past experiences, Spiritual belief or anything else with you to the course and should find no conflict with integrating it into your life.

How is the course conducted ?
The guidelines we run by are rooted in the “Ethics of Permaculture”
 Care of the earth,
 Care of the people,
 Set limits to consumption and reproduction, and redistribute surplus.

The course will cover essential topics including design tools and principles;
it will also involve site visits to see examples.
It will also draw on the large volume of knowledge that is usually present
within the participants of a course on an enormous array of subjects.

Why do a PDC ?
It is this last point that consolidates the value of attending a PDC as opposed
to reading the growing volume of publications produced over the last 30 years now available on the subject.
The conversations in the breaks often yield the most answers to your
individual questions.

This program of topics is from 2009- 2 certificate course, the sequence varies yearly due to Tutor availablilty plus it has to fit around the many commitments we and the visitor properties have in Permaculture or Heritage Fruits Society

Tutor Venue
peter allen Emerald Introductions,
9-3pm History
Ethical Principles.
Design Principles.
Energy Laws & Processes.
Renewable and non-renewable Energies.

Telopea Mtn Gaia, ecosystems & food webs.
9-4.30pm Trees and forest ecology.

peter & Telopea Mtn Pattern Recognition.
silvia 9-4.30pm Reading the Landscape - landforms & soil
Reading the Landscape - water.
9-3pm Soil ecology.
zone 1 & 2 stratergies,

Peter Allen Telopea mtn Practical permaculture Day
Biodynamic composting- No- Dig gardens easy potato patches

Peter telopea mtn
9-4.30 pm Design Tools:
Zones , sectors,
functional analysis.
Design features of Landscapes
Design of fire-prone landscapes.

Peter Allen Telopea Mtn Strategic Planning & Mapping.
Peter Allen 9-4.30pm Design Workshop - PRE site analysis.
Designing Zone 1 Gardens
Genetic Diversity & Seed-saving.
Orchards for Zone 2.

Sunday site visit local property
visit 1st visit to final design site

Peter Allen Telopea Mtn Zone 2 design.
9-4.30pm Zone 3 & 4 Broadacre Farming

Peter Allen telopea Mtn Trees in Pc Systems.
9-4.30 pm Microclimates
Aquaculture & basic Rural water use

visit Jenny, Vicki & Maybe Lees
11april to 30april 2011 school hols no classes for 3 tuesdays

Jenny Francis Emerald Treating & Recycling waste water Plus visit to see Biolytix composting toilet & other water saving devices
9-3 pm

peter east ringwood to boxhill visit 3 Urban Permie properties

John Aukett Heathmont Water in Pc Systems.
Olwyn Smiley Visit grey water system
John & Kirsty, Visit Heathmont, tanks veggies
John Aukett Heathmont Rural water use
9-4.30pm discuss PA Yeomans & Peter Andrews

Peter Allen Telopea Mtn Animals in Permaculture.
Silvia animals- poultry
Rare breeds
Animals, Behaviour,
design(Shed, central laneway, housing)

Peter Allen CERES Site Visit, CERES -, Appropriate Technology
Site Visit, CERES -, Community Gardens,
Site Visit, CERES -,Bushfoods
CERES Retrofitted House

Rod Sheppard

or Mal Boyd Telopea Mtn Energy efficient housing design
passive solar
Retrofitted House(cont)

peter Telopea Mtn Economic Strategies.
9-4.30pm Ethical Investment
Community Stratergies
Alternative energies
Peak Oil, Nuclear,
Heather & Andrew Dixons creek solar
Visit Dixons Ck solar array, passive solar, water, trees & fire design

Michelle telopea Mtn Cuba video
9-4.30pm community startergies and events

Peter Settlement Design.

all (arvo 4hrs) Telopea Mtn Working as a Designer.
9-4.30pm Starting a Business.
Design Workshop - Final Designs.

All tutors invited Telopea Mtn Design Presentations.
9-5pm Beyond the Design Course.
Visit Pig & Whistle

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