My first book is out now

 Yes finally after only 5 months I have self published the second edition of my own book.

This signed & numbered First edition is available now for $15 + P&H just send me an email from the 'contact us' link and I will organise payment and mail out to you.

Contents Page

Identify your area 
How to decide which rootstock to use.
Why choose a grafted tree.
Budding & Grafting fruit trees
Apple & other rootstocks overview.
 Tree shapes and trellis systems (espaliers).
 Tree yield for apples & pear
Pears Nashi & Quince rootstocks
Plums rootstocks.
Peach, Nectarine and Almonds rootstocks
Other rootstocks to use
Grafting methods
Natural pest control
Peach, Nectarine & Almonds
Mulberry, Medlars & Olives
Planting a fruit tree
European Pears
Nashi (Asian Pears)
Plums– Japanese, cherry 
Plums– European, Prunes & others
Citrus for Cold climates, Temperate and Tropical climates 
Kiwi Fruit, Elderberry & Persimmons

Appendices or booklets to follow soon with descriptions and pictures of Varieties, will include

Heritage apples

Nashi & Euro Pears

Japanese & Euro Plums

Cider, Perry & Fruit wine Making

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