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Our Sheep Varieties

Here we have 3 breeds of sheep.

Our black sheep are Romney X Border Leister- these are for Grass mowing, meat and wool for spinning.

Finnish- this breed is a milking variety that can have multiple births up to 4. Their wool is longer & curly and they are self mulsing with a rat tail & clean legs, this means no tail docking is necessary and reduces the need for any crutching.

East Fresian are also a milker with multiple births, they have a closer wool that is suitable for carpets and are self mulsing as well which means NO crutching is needed, our oldest girl Febe has become the Matriach of the farm having triplets, triplets, quads then triplets in 4 years,here daugthers form the bassis of our flock but we have then crossed these with the Fuinnish boy ( Lucky) who gives them a smaller size and better curly wool.

Both of these last 2 are dairy breeds and supply as much milk as a goat or beef cow but for only 3-4 months, they do however require a much better pasture than sheep traditionally used in Australia on our rough pastures, so we use suplementary feed rations to make sure they get all they need and balance their health with mixes made along the guidlines of Pat Colby.

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