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Our new dairy goats have arrived.

In Dec 2009 our new dairy goats arrived.This is after a 10 year break from having a pair of Toggenburg boy Twins.

Their new Girls kids arrived in Nov while we were away so Roxy had a boy & Evie had triplets 2 girls and a boy.

Both the older girls are 3 year old being-

75% Anglo Nubian known for their good milk solids but a lower milk yeild over all and 25% Saanen which have a great milk yeild. The mix is a fantastic goat with the best of both aspects.

Now the parents of the Kids are a cross with a newer goat on the Australian scene called an "Austalian Melaan" a beautiful dairy style goat with a short black coat  thats bred for Dairy, Meat & as a pet, the form is similar to an British Alpine or Toggenburg.

see Melaan breed @

Roxys boy is very Anglo Nubian like boy, but he will only be here till August.

Evie has One boy who is white and such a sweety but alas he will only be here till August as well. as for the 2 girls they are our future here.

Alice is Smokey grey on white with the form and ears of the Sannen/ Melaan breeds.

Tia is typically Anglo Nubian looking but both girls will be crossed back with an Austalian Melaan and should have a high % of throwing back to good Melaan goats ( this is what one sister from last year produced with twins this year)

This Melaan breed has been what I have wanted to see as our new very small goat herd consist of since I first saw them in 2006 @ the Semour Expo field days.


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