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Our new Llamas

In 2008 we purchased 2 new Llamas, their names are Edwardo & Milo, they join Miso who has lived here since  2001.  These boys are all fixed as our experience with Intact males( an Alpaca) is not a good one, unless you intent to use them for breeding.  

The role of these boys is to look after our baby sheep and to clear up the orchard upon leaf drop, they are so gentle compared to sheep in amongst the trees and they prefer broad leaf weeds first such as  Plantain, this is the sheep last preference.

Llamas are such a good animal on our soft soils, they have soft feet (not a cloven hoof) so they dont cause damage and they are browsers so any rough pasture and foilage will do them.

They also poo in a nice neat pile so collection and use in the compost is easier than with goats, sheep or even cows.

But the newest function for these animals will be to pull around Silvia's new Jinker, this was always a dream to use animals for some local transport and fun, it will take a fair bit of training , both animal and driver but Edwardo has been previously trained to  use this cart - so we hope he will be comfortable in it again.

Our Llamas are all ten years old plus so we dont wish to work them hard , more for fun and show.

One day we hope to take our surplus fruit and flowers up to the local tourist area and sell them as we drive around the local area.

 Unfortunately while we were overseas Edwardo died due to either a 1080 poisoning (that we had no notice about it being used) or a snake bite (he is sadly missed as he was the ringleader with a great individual personality) so we are now considering a new Llama to pull Silvia's cart that she has for them in the shed, this may mean getting a young one and training him/her from day 1.

pictures to follow soon.

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