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Telopea Mountain apple list for winter 2011 pots & bare rooted

This list of apples will be available in winter june - Aug as 1year old grafted trees barerooted, some will also be available as 2yr old in pots. or fresh grafted to the rootstock of your preference.

For current list you need to send me an email as availablility changes often due to small amounts of a very larg variety of trees.

There may also be others as well we have available in our collection around 450

 APPLES - Varieties available

Andre SauvageEarly StrawberryMaigoldCider varieties
Australian BeautyEgremont RussetMurray GemBREAKWELLS SEEDLING
Autumn TartEllisons OrangeMutsu(CRISPIN)BROWN SNOUT
BaldwinEsopus spitzenburgOpalescentBROWNS APPLE
BarryFameuse Can 1730Orleans ReinetteBULMERS NORMAN
Beauty Of BathFinson's OrangeOrtley (=Cleopatra)DABINETT
Bedford PippinFreybergPine-Golden PippinEGLETON STYE
Belle de BoskoopFujiPink LadyFREQUIN ROUGE
Blenheim OrangeGalaPitmaston Pine AppleGOLDEN HARVEY
Blue PearmainGeevston fannyReinette du CanadaIMPROVED FOXWHELP
BonzaGolden HarveyRhode Island GreeningKINGSTON BLACK
BraeburnGolden NobleRome BeautyMICHELIN
Bramley's SeedlingGolden PippinSpartanREINE DES HATIVES
Brittle sweetGolden SweetStayman's WinesapSOMERSET RED STREAK
CarolinaGooseberry PippinSummer redSTOKES RED
CayugaGravenstienSundownerSWEET ALFORD
ChandlerHooverSymonds WinterSWEET COPPIN
Cornish AromaticIrish PeachTydemans Early WorcesterTREMBELLET'S BITTER
Cox's Orange PippinJaunetWinter BananaYARLINGTON MILL
Cranberry PippinKing ColeWinter PearmainBEDAN
Devonshire QuarrendonLodiWoodstock PippinRouslator
Dunnis Seedling (Dunns SeedlingLondon PippinWorcester PearmainAntoinette
Early Mc IntoshMaidens BlushYatesFrench crab

This range will be available ( limited quantity) as scion with a lable or fresh grafted to the following rootstocks from June to Aug

rootstock sizes we will have readily are

M9- very Dwarf- suitable for pots, spindles and small single trees

M26- Dwarf- suit small trees one or more vars , also small espaliers to 2mtr wide

MM102 semi dwarf- nice tree, good for espalier to 3mtr wide, suit multi graft in future.

MM106 semi dwarf- good size tree for backyard, farm or espalier

more sizes are available on request.

New Apples varities added to our Telopea Mtn collection in 2009 - most will be avail for fresh grafts 2010
AbramCrotinLancashire PippinRosella
AlfristonCrow Egg Lance EdwardsRymer 
Ananas RougeDaux Amer GrisLarges RedSaint Barbe
Antonovka PolutorafuntovayaDe BlanquierLaxton FortuneSaint Lawrence
Antonovka-KamenichkaDe BoutevilleLeganaSaint Sauveur
Archduchesse SophieDemocrat (J Sharp)LegeasScarlet Non Pareil
AruncanoDes BoveursLimoreScarlet Pearmain
AtalantaDixhuit OnzsLord DerbyScarlet Staymared
BabbittDoux Aux VespersLord Lambourne Schroeder's Seedling
Bailly VarinDuke of ClarenceMagnoliaSeymour Selection
Baumann's Red Winter ReinetteDuquesne Mannington PearmainSharp's Nonsuch
BeaconEarly CarringtonMartin FrossardSing's Seedling
Beauty of BathEarly JoeMcIndoes Russet

Snow Apple

Stahl's Winterprinz

Beauty of StokeEarly McIntoshMelbaStarke's Earliblaze
Bec d'OieEarly VictoriaMelroseStarke's Earliest
Bedfordshire FoundlingEddigone GrangeMiltonStatesman
BedonEdward VIIMobbs CodlinStoke Tulip
Bedon Des PartsEldon PippinMonarch CrossStone Pippin
Belle AgatheEllisons SeedlingMonroe Striped Beefing
Belle de BoutienyFleiner du RoiNickajackStubbard
Belle Pont DechaisseFrequin De BonneNorfolkSturmer Pippin
Benwells LargeFrequin Rouge AmerPeasgood Non-SuchSugar Loaf Pippin
Black StaymanGallopinaPlate a Grosse QueueSummer Pearmain
Black WinesapGaribaldiaPommier NainSummer Strawberry
BlanchardGeante d'ExpositionPoor HouseSunbury Late 
BlancheGeeveston Fanny RedPossum (Pound)Sweet Alford
Bonds SelectionGeneralPotters SeedlingSweetman
BondyGeorge CarpenterPott's SeedlingTaunton
Bonne HottureGeorge NeilsonPrince AlfredThe Queen
BorovitskyGilderling Sage D'EspagneRalph LukeThompson's Seedling
BritchelGlowing ColeRanelaghToccoa
BrownGold MedalReau De NouvelleTrennere
Bushey GroveGraham's Royal JubileeRed AstrachanTropical Beauty
Butters Early Red Grand Duke ConstantineRed BowTuft's Baldwin
Calville FlageoletGrandmereRed ClusterUpton Pyne 
Cappers PearmainGratonianRed FortuneVerite
CarringtonHazelwoodRed GemVictor Hesse
Castle MajorHoldingRed LimbertwigWallace Howard
CatsheadHubbardston NonsuchRed NewtonWeisskante
CelliniIllinois BlazeRed WarriorWellington
Champ-GaillardImperialle NouvelleReinette CipletWestell Selection
ChataignierIrish PeachReinette D'AngleterreWhitney Pippin
ClaytonIslay Pippin Reinette De BrievesWinter Coleman
Cleopatra Y9James GrieveReinette De CarmesWinter Queening
ClosetteJolly BeggarReinette De ChineeYassfin
Cold StreamJonathan OrdinaryReinette De MetzYellow Siberian Crab
Cold Stream GuardJongrimeReinette Doree 
ContureeJubilee Reinette Douce 
Coral CrabKandil SinapReinette D'Oznabruck 
Court of WickKeswick CodlinReinette Fromm 
Court Pendu RougeKew PippinReinette Marbree 
Cowells RedKing DavidReinette Multhaupt 

Cox's Pomona

Cox's Orange Pippin

King of Thompkins CountyReinette Solotoi Kurshi
CremiereKirks Seedling Reinette Thouin 
CroftonL C DanielsRoseberry Pippin 


 Dwarf Apples:

Pink Lady

Red Fuji


Leprachaun-wee folk

Pinkabelle- pots



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