Due to the many customer inquires-and the experience of the last 2 years we are opening our gate on this Extra day for the first days sales of fruit trees with the new bare rooted tress available now plus our potted range as well.

we are open most fridays over the  winter period for Fruit tree sales

So from 10am sunday  12th june 2011. we will sell our trees here at Invermay rd Monbulk, come in from the Olinda Monabulk rd end and we are on the left at the top of the hill.

If you are coming then to pick up pre ordered trees please let us know before so your order is ready for you as last year we had people lined up all day.

Last 2 years we sold out of some things in this first week so unless you have pre ordered by May 27th,  it is a first in basis for the trees that are in short supply, we do have many trees on offer so we dont expect to sell out so early but you can never tell ( as I have learnt in 30+ years of retail)  

due to large order by Biodynamic & Organic farms I have helped design some items are already down to only one tree.

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