Article - Petty's Apple Tasting Open Day 2010

What a reaction from the public, last year while the group was in transition we had about 360 people show up, in 2010 we had around 4000.

We had to call the police to help fix the traffic jam around 1-2pm and they closed the entry down to control the traffic so if you were unable to attend we sinceley apoligise for any inconvenience.

 In 2011 we can fix the 2 issues we had on the day, which was the parking as we will have a bigger paddock as well like we have used back in 2003 (when it worked very well) this was unavailable to us this year and we never expected the huge response.

The second one was a 1 hour que to try the apples we have already worked out how to change it for next year (once again from our previous experience)  so it will have much better access and hopefull no queues.

We will also bring in more good organic & slow food vendors

The big hits on the day were the "Apples", the many kids activities, the entertainment, the speakers- special thanks to our friend David Holmgren for doing far more than was asked of him. The orchard tours were contantly full, some I ran had aprox 100 people.

Big Thanks go to The HFS committee, the many volenteers from, HFS, Mountain Districts Permaculture Group, Permaculture Melbourne, Eltham College students who helped run the event, plus family & friends who all work very very hard on the day and thanks to our partners at Petty's Orchard, John, Nancy, Sam and the family Plus all the entertainers, speakers, stall holders who worked so hard to make the day successful.

Our next events are the grafting days in July & August, we will keep you posted.

Next year we welcome back "Freddie the Snakeman" and hope to finally start the apple pie competitions and have a big cider tent.

Thanks from Peter & Silvia Allen ( VP & President of the HFS)

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